Yes, we do Estate Sales, but what we really do is help people dispose of assets.  Whether cleaning out a house to be sold, moving, downsizing, or just wanting to get rid of a few things, Studio 8 can help you determine the best avenue to take. In addition to actually conducting Estate Sales, we also buy individual items, collections and even entire estates.
If after discussing your goals, we both conclude that an Estate Sale is the proper path to take, we allow you to determine your level of involvement, but are happy to take over and run the process from start to finish, involving the following steps:
· Pre-Sale Tasks (cleaning, organizing / staging, pricing, complying with local ordinances, pre-selling certain items through other avenues, advertising, advertising, advertising)
·  Sale Tasks (conducting a 2 or 3-day sale, staffing sale appropriately, discounting prices when needed, aggressively selling)
·  Post-Sale Tasks (continuing to try and sell certain items through other avenues, organizing left-over items, discussing options for left-over items (clean out, donations, etc.))

Along with residing and having a business in Oak Park, we are embedded in the near west suburbs and take pride in building our local reputation. The bottom line is that we cannot be successful unless we make our client’s Estate Sales successful. We achieve this with a very simple contract that defines the percentage split that each party will take, and avoids all of the fees that can typically get buried into an Estate Sale contract (i.e. staffing, advertising, supplies, minimum thresholds, etc.).

All it takes is a simple phone call and we will assess your situation and give our advice.  And best of all, IT’s FREE! All consultations are strictly confidential and you come away with our opinion of what we think are your best options, not some hard sell, bullying of an option that you may not be comfortable with.  Give us a call at your convenience.